Tyres for our Series

In response to a number of requests for information and clarifications regarding our tyre choice for the FISCAR Series, we thought a few paragraphs would clear this up.  For the 2017 season the only tyre s allowed will be theDunlop R5 and the Dunlop L Section tyre. Some cars with 16" wheels may apply to the committee to use a limited number of other tyres.

For the 2017 Season

Dunlop Racing Vintage R5

The Vintage tyre is the tyre Dunlop made and sold in the 1950s for racing, being manufactured from 1958 onward. It was made in several tread patterns such as the R1, the R4 and R5.

The only tyre now made by Dunlop from the 50s era for 15” to 17” wheels, is the Vintage R5.

On sizes of 18” diameter and above, the tread pattern is 5 Stud, Triple Stud or R1, but we assume these sizes will not be of any interest to any of our competitors.

Interestingly enough, the ONLY tyres from the whole of the Dunlop Historic Range that are “road legal”, are the Vintage R5 in 16” and 17”, the R1 in 18” and the 5 Stud in 19” diameter.

There are no descriptive marking on these tyres designating them as “Vintage” tyres, but the R5 tread pattern is very distinctive.

FISCAR would prefer to use these Dunlop R5 treaded tyres, made in 204 compound.


Dunlop Racing “L Section”

The “L” Section tyre was first manufactured by Dunlop in January 1962 and was made in CR65, CR70 and CR48 (R6) tread pattern, and still is. It is in effect a more modern tyre than the Vintage R5, giving a flatter tread, using slightly stiffer side wall construction, an overall wider tread width for the same “size” of tyre and a more compact tread pattern.

This tyre is specified by a large number of organisers for their various 1960s Series, and is one of the most popular tyres used by competitors in these 1960s Series.

They are identified by the letter “L” immediately after the Section size on the sidewall, for example

as “500L x 14”

These tyres are NOT “road legal”.

FISCAR will give special dispensation for the 2017 season for this tyre to be used in 204 compound.


Dunlop Racing “M Section”

The “M” Section tyre was first manufactured by Dunlop in December 1965 for Formula 1, and for Sports Racin

g in 1966. The diameters range from 13” up to 15” and in Section size from 450 up to 650.

We believe they are identified in a similar manner to the “L” Section but with the letter “M” substituted.

These tyres are NOT “road legal”.

Dunlop “M Section” tyres are used by the later 60s cars for both formula and sports racing cars and will not be permitted in the FISCAR Series



Where a race tyre is unavailable, or by choice, we will permit a “PERIOD” road tyre to be used,  but only on application to the committee, and with their approval.