Photo - Mick Walker

List of Eligible Cars

Please note that in addition to the list below, we will, upon request, and at our discretion, consider other cars, including some sports racers and specials from the 1950s that we consider will fit within the spirit of our racing. The key is that they must look right on our grids, and we reserve the right to change their class status should they challenge the quickest of our Production Inter-Marque cars on our list below. Please also refer to our page providing detailed specs.

AC - Ace, Ace-Bristol, Aceca

Alfa Romeo - 6C 2500, 1900 C/Ti, Giulietta Sprint (includes SV, SZ & Sprint Speciale)

Allard - J series, K series (Ford/Mercury V8 flatheads - 3.6/3.9/4.4)

Arnolt Bristol

Aston Martin - DB2, DB3, DB2/4, DB3S, DB MkIII

Austin Healey - 100/4, 100M, 100S, 100/6, Sprite Mk1

BMW - 507

Berkeley - Sports, B95/105

Bristol - 400, 401, 403, 404

Daimler - SP250

Elva - Courier (MGA)

Fairthorpe - Electron Minor, Electron

Ferrari - 166/195/212 Inter/Export, 225 Inter/Export, 250GT(Pre SWB models only)

Fiat - 8V

Frazer Nash - Le Mans Replica, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Sebring

Healey - Silverstone

HRG - Sports , Aerodynamic

Jaguar - XK 120, C-Type (drum braked 3.4 on SUs only), XK140, XK 150/150S

Jensen - 541/541R

Jowett - Jupiter

Lancia - Aurelia

Lotus - Six, Seven Series 1, Elite

Maserati - A6, A6G

Mercedes-Benz - 190SL, 300SL

MG - MGA, MGA Twin Cam

Morgan - Plus 4, 4/4 Series II

Peerless - GT

Porsche - 356, 356A, Speedster, 550/550A

Sunbeam - Alpine, Alpine series I, Series II (up to 1594cc)

Swallow Doretti

Triumph - TR2, TR3, TR3A

Turner - Sports/Mk1 (FWA/FWE)

TVR - Grantura Mk1, Mk II, MkIIA (MGA/FWA/FWE)