La Vie en Bleu (or the French Connection) 

The weather at Prescott Hill Climb on Sunday the 2nd of June was splendid, matching the cars that were on display and competing.

For a complete change, FISCAR managed to get a class for Sports and GT Cars built prior to 1959 and in total there were twelve entered, although Mark Campbell ended up in Scotland and unfortunately we never saw Peter Shaw in his Alfa, which reduced our numbers to ten.

The two Healey entries of Keith Jenkins and Allan Cameron were by far the fastest, although I think there could be a small question about the tyres they pushed into service on the day. Never the less, a well-deserved first and second on scratch.

The Tojerio with the 1,000cc Japp engine got as far as the first corner on his first run to have a box of gears, but not necessarily in correct formation and that was the end of his day. Tony Cotgrave drove his very smart TR 2 in fine fashion, but it was really the Astons that made up the core of the class.

Mark Campbell’s famous “wet finger” handicap proved well capable of sorting out the results which had Robert Clark placed first with Nigel Grice and Richard Humbert taking the lesser awards, all based on percentage improvement over their practice times.

David Humbert and Jim Campbell ended up having to give second best to the other Aston drivers, but as always did it in gracious fashion.

As an aside, we had a Lotus Six in the Class which was driven in very enthusiastic fashion by John Marshall, up until his family arrived to give him a surprise 80th birthday party complete with balloons and loads of wine!! His serious competition day ended there, but he enjoyed it all the more.

All in, an excellent venue, superb weather and fantastic sport.

Jim Campbell